Top 5 DIY Dog Costume Ideas for Halloween 2021

Top 5 DIY Dog Costume Ideas for Halloween 2021

Friday Oct 29th, 2021


As dog owners, we adore our fury family - but they look so cute when they participate in costumes on trick or treat walks around the neighbourhood. There are so many dog costumes online or the local pet stores to choose from - but if you are on the budget, exercise your creativity, or recycle old Halloween costumes - here are top five DIY dog costumes. 


Beanie Baby

Beanie babies were a big collector’s item back in the 90s. All the fuzzy cute creatures with the distinctive red heart tags brings back childhood nostalgia. Using just a red marker, cardboard, scissors, and a string you can create this big tag for your dog. 


Nerd Costume

If you have a big dog, try to look for old button down shirts from your husband or one of the kids outgrown clothing. Find an old bow tie or neck tie - and if you’re lucky you can find old glasses to match the nerdy costume. 


Paw Superhero

Get some old curtains or clothing and cut them into a cape and a felt mask. You can even do a no-sew set and just use velcro or stick glue to complete the costume.


Librarian Assistant

Pull out some old sweater that can fit Fido and a cute name tag to go with it. Added bonus to the look would be dog-friendly or spectacle-free. 



Get some old scarf and old eye patch. Get the pooch into pirate mode and he’ll be capturing treats in no time.


There is just so much creativity to create impressive DIY dog costumes just before Halloween. Make sure that your pet can be comfortable on whichever costume you decide to put them in so they can enjoy the neighborhood walk as much as you will. JoAnn Visaretis has so many pet stories to tell you - and help you with your real estate needs. Contact her now for a free consultation.


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