Top 3 Reasons Why Home Ownership Creates A Happier Life

Top 3 Reasons Why Home Ownership Creates A Happier Life

Monday Sep 13th, 2021


The current hot seller’s market is slowing down since March 2021. This stabilization period has been giving relief to potential homebuyers who are wanting to purchase their first homes and getting their homeownership dreams coming true. Amidst the pandemic, Canadians are still high with a desire for home ownership.


Which makes you wonder, what are the reasons why homeownership can contribute to overall happiness? This article explores the top 3 reasons. 


Financial investment. Purchasing a home is a big financial move, but also one of the biggest investments one can make. Besides the taxes and costs, a home can allow you some tax deductions and improve your financial portfolio. It forces you to save and be disciplined in building your investment by paying off your mortgage and putting more of your hard-earned money in your own investment. It is the biggest commitment but also has the greatest rewards. 


Stability and security. Settling down usually means finding a community to set down roots - and it comes with a house to call home. Most of the home buyers are wanting to start a family or just wanting to stabilize their own lives. Once you have your own home, you do not have to think about when you might be served eviction or putting up with the rising rent costs. If you have a family, this makes more stability on growing in a community that can inspire you to more civic engagements. 


Freedom. Renting or living with a roommate does not really help in building your own personal freedom - there will always be some form of intrusion. With your own home, you can finally be in your own space and focus on your family and growth. You can begin to establish your routines and develop your own home traditions. 


These are only some of the benefits of owning a home. There is more to mention, but these top three reasons are some of the best motivations to get home. Consult with JoAnn Visaretis so you can get your home ownership dreams better chances of coming true.  


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