Quick Pointers For Any Home Sellers Should Be Considering A Real Estate Agent

Quick Pointers For Any Home Sellers Should Be Considering A Real Estate Agent

Friday Jul 31st, 2020


Selling your home can be a daunting task to do - this is why you would expect a real expert to help you navigate the complicated process.


Getting a real estate agent to partner with you is also like hiring someone to get a job done. It is fair to say that you would need to be vigilant in getting into any partnership - especially the one involving one of the biggest sales or purchases in your life. 


The sensible rule would be to at least have 2-3 real estate agents to interview or screen. So when you are looking for a real estate professional, keep in mind some questions and criteria listed below. 


Can you provide some of your marketing materials?

  • First impressions do last - if an agent can respond to your inquiry in a polite and professional manner, that is a good sign of responsiveness and how they can present themselves to potential home buyers as well as how they communicate with you in the whole process. 
  • Also, take note of their credentials, including their licenses, affiliations, track record, and references. They should have at least a local real estate board (R.E. Agent) and MLS (Multiple Listing Service) memberships. The longer the agent has been with their broker, the better chances that they have a good reputation in their industry. 
  • A good real estate agent should have at least 5-10 years of experience around your neighborhood area. In this way, they can provide you with proven marketing strategies. 
  • Their personal brand and marketing should also be readily available, clear, and interesting. Their brand and personality should closely complement your own. And once you review these - then you can ask them to create a sample listing presentation for you - brochures, direct mail, and online marketing posts. 


How many listings have you managed in the last year?

  • Having lots of listings can be a tell-all of the capability and resources of the real estate professional in the industry, but does not mean they are able to look after your interest alone! Don't become a number's game in their inventory list. This can show they have the right and strategic resources to work with selling your home - but again, what is in it for you?
  • The number of how many houses they have sold in the past year can let you know about their negotiation and closing skills. They should also maintain the right selling price of the property and not sell faster than the average time in the market. You can do this by finding out the original selling price of the home compared to the final selling price on the homes they have sold.


Can you tell me how you can market my home for selling?

  • With the pandemic putting restrictions for the traditional real estate face-to-face marketing, they should also present engaging virtual and contactless marketing strategies for your home. 
  • Check if they ask you for some well thought out questions about your expectations and real estate service needs.
  • Find out more about the listing price they have presented - ask for metrics and market analysis - on how they came about the price.
  • Review your listing agreement carefully as it is a legally binding document between you and the real estate agent - the rule of thumb - 3 months should be sufficient enough to sell the house. 
  • Level your expectations on when you can expect your home to get sold and plans in place if it fails to meet that date. Check liquidated damages in your contract to make sure you can should the ratifications if you change your mind about selling your home. 
  • Communication style during the whole process with you should be consistent and honest.

Finding a professional real estate agent requires a bit of screening effort on your part as a home seller. You have the right to be inquisitive and be able to say 'No' to any agent that does not make you feel comfortable before listing your house. It is better to screen now than have to deal with breaking a listing agreement later. 

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