Property Aerial Shots and How It Helps Your Listin

Property Aerial Shots and How It Helps Your Listing

Saturday Aug 28th, 2021


Professional photography is one of the best marketing strategies real estate agents include to make sure their listings stand out from the crowd. With the rising interest in drone photography and photo editing, aerial shots are now becoming one of the expected photos included in the listing details. 


What exactly is drone aerial photography? This is a type of photography wherein a small unmanned aircraft with a camera, piloted by a licensed drone pilot who stays on the ground vicinity, controls the drone with a remote controller, and takes photos and/or videos of a property. 


Drone photography used to be an expensive service to hire, but with the onset of drone hobbyists, there are more affordable options for people who are looking to get aerial photos of their homes or big properties. Most of these drone hobbyists have looked into drone photography to apply their experience to some serious money-generating pastime. With many drone photographers for hire, real estate agents are able to include aerial shots as part of their marketing strategy packages. 


Some real estate agents themselves have become drone pilots in recent years, which can never fail to impress home sellers. 


Aerial photos usually can picture different perspectives of the listing - top shots for the roof conditions, total acreages, bird’s eye view, and just eye-catching angles of a property. This offers almost an outside 360 degrees shot of the property. 


These types of photos highlight the overall design of a structure as well, giving out details of the property’s architecture and design that any potential home buyers might be interested in and getting them to view the property. 


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