Practical Tips in Hiring Your Moving Company

Practical Tips in Hiring Your Moving Company

Wednesday Aug 05th, 2020


You have just purchased your new home and you have formulated a plan to get to your new address. With the many items you are taking with you, you understand you would need help in the actual moving. But with the many horror stories of movers - you are understandably hesitant in hiring movers. Here are some tips in picking out your moving company. 


Ask the company the right questions and understand the answers.

  • Ask and talk to at least (3) references the moving company has given - family, friends, and realtor are a good source for recommendations
  • Get at least 3 estimates from different companies - and be specific - will they pack and move or just move items you packed, temporary storage service, etc.
  • Check their insurance coverage if it covers things you packed - ask for the company’s insurance policy and provider, their business number and main contact information


Research their reputation by doing your diligent research

  • Look up the company in the Consumer Beware List or local consumer watch list in your area or check their Better Business Bureau profile for convictions, complaints, or overall customer experience
  • Look into customer reviews in their social media accounts as well


Scrutinize their contract 

  • Make sure to include the estimate they have sent you and not to charge you more than 10% above the estimated price under Ontario Law (unless you need new goods/services)
  • Make sure to include property damage accountability, and options if there is a delay in the services
  • Any services above CAD50 should be in writing
  • Must include: the mover’s name, address and contact information; a description of the service(s) and an itemized list of prices; the total amount that you will have to pay start and end dates for the service; the terms of payment
  • Where and how you entered into the contract matters- whether the contract was signed in your home, online, or over the phone, there are more rules you can read more here.
  • For any company that misrepresented their services, you can withdraw from the contract within one year
  • Consult a legal representative if you have any more questions


During the moving day

  • Important and valuable belongings (e.g. jewelry, personal documents, etc.) is better to be moved by you 
  • Be present and supervise the move
  • List any damaged or missing items before the movers leave your current home and create documentation for reference


Your items should not be held for any payment

  • The moving company should not hold your items until you make any extra payments beyond the agreed amount - this is an unfair practice and considered an offense.  
  • If you have to pay extra, make a note in the invoice “paid under protest” and follow up with the company, the police, or Consumer Law.  
  • File a complaint to the right channels to ensure your concerns and issues are addressed properly and help other people find out about any shady or unprofessional misconduct from moving companies. 


Moving to your new home can be quite stressful well after the purchase. But if you follow these tips in picking out a reliable and professional moving company- it should create a better experience for you and your family. A smooth transition is all we can ask for when we make a big move, and a bit of knowledge on what matters most in moving companies can help make that a reality. If you are considering selling or buying a home to move in to, consult with an experienced and professional real estate agent so you can know what is best and fair for your investment.


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