ParentHow to Prepare for Halloween 2020

Parents - How to Prepare for Halloween 2020

Friday Oct 30th, 2020


Trick or treating in 2020 can be a bit trickier with the pandemic prevention restrictions but it should not take out the fun and safety for all kids in this spooky tradition. Find out how to keep your family safe during Halloween from COVID-19 exposure. 


General Halloween Safe Practices

These are some of the tips for general safe practices for all Halloween 2020 celebrations and activities. 


  1. Explain to your kids why there are extra safety  measures or modified activities for Halloween 2020
  2. Check your local health units to find out local and public health advisories
  3. Do not gather with other people other than your household
  4. Stay home and do not participate in any activities if you feel ill, have mild symptoms, or in self-isolation
  5. Turn your porch light off and/or you can hang this poster to send a message that you won’t entertain trick or treaters for this year
  6. Remain in your public health section 



NOT to Trick or Treat

The Ontario government has recommended that the regions of Ottawa, Peel, Toronto and York Region NOT to do trick or treat due to the high transmission rate of COVID-19 in these areas and has designated them as hotspots. They encourage communities in these affected regions to put up signs or posters to let potential trick-or-treaters to come back next Halloween 2021. Some other Halloween alternative fun activities are also suggested such as:


  • Dress up and join Halloween virtual parties 
  • Candy hunt around the house 
  • Carving pumpkins
  • Kid-friendly horror movie marathons
  • Halloween decorating on the porch or front of the house
  • Backyard fire pit with scary stories shared with the family


To Trick or Treat

If you are outside the hotspots, then you can opt to do trick or treating with your kids. However, always make sure you still follow social distancing, frequent washing of hands or frequent use of hand sanitizers, and using your non-medical masks. 

  • Hang a poster that shows you are participating in trick or treats on your porch
  • Only go out with household members
  • Only do an outdoor trick or treating
  • Non-medical masks should be worn all the time - and be cautious about having to use non-medical masks over costume masks as it might make breathing restricted
  • Carry hand sanitizers and use them often, wear gloves if necessary
  • Minimize if not avoid contact with high traffic surfaces like railings and doorbells
  • Giving out candies or treats should not be done hand alone - use tongs or gloves or other creative means of handing items out
  • Stay close to the neighborhood and do not venture too far away 
  • Make sure to provide kids with accessibility issues alternative ways to receive their treats - read more about the Treat Accessibly movement that encourages communities to get creative to include about 400,000 kids with accessibility issues during trick or treating and other Halloween activities


Halloween 2020 celebrations can be a bit trickier with the pandemic prevention restrictions but it should not take out the fun for all kids in this spooky tradition. Being prepared can lessen the risks of exposure to COVID-19.


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Free Halloween Poster Sources

Treat Accessibility Sign:


Trick or Treat Halloween Poster

“Welcome trick-or-treaters” posters

Dark, Light backgrounds


No trick or Treat Halloween Poster

“See you next year” posters

Dark, Light backgrounds

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