Open Houses and Vaccine Passports

Open Houses and Vaccine Passports

Saturday Sep 25th, 2021


The real estate industry has been keeping the home sellers and buyers safe throughout the different stages of dealing with the pandemic. Process digitalization, social and physical distancing have been followed in place of in-person transactions, including regulated open houses.


There have no direct legal regulations for real estate brokerages and representatives require home sellers and home buyers to have a vaccine passport on open houses or in-person transactions. However, public health measures and safety are being enforced to keep everyone involved safe and healthy. 


Depending on the local board, home sellers can require home buyers to have vaccine passports without having any legal implications in place. Although, some real estate experts do raise the potential of discouraging potential home buyers to continue their interest in the property. 


The ultimate goal is to have both home sellers and buyers be protected in open houses and attending or showing home tours. Always discuss your options on what works best for your property with a real estate representative like JoAnn Visaretis


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