Open House Check Points for Home Sellers

Open House Check Points for Home Sellers

Friday Jul 23rd, 2021



With the Ontario province going into Stage 3, in-person open houses are no longer restricted since July 16, 2021 with limited capacity and physical distancing in place. This bodes well for the real estate industry, providing either in-person or virtual house tours for potential buyers for a broader audience. 


A good real estate agent would assist you in how to prepare your property for an open house and have a list of to-do tasks you can perform before the showings. You can also work with the realtor by showing questions. 


  • Will the agent be present during the showings?

  • Is there a list of identified potential buyers and ample time for each visit?

  • Are taking photos allowed?

  • Are there signs of physical distance - wearing masks,  hand sanitizing, proper 2m apart, and tour arrows to point the direction of the walk?

  • Will the agent be making sure doors and windows are going to be locked after the showings?


For the home seller, you can follow these quick tips for preparing for a show.


  • Declutter. Place minimal furniture and decors. 

  • Depersonalize. Remove any valuables, photos, albums, and any other sensitive information on display. 

  • Stay away from the event.

  • Make your mindset ready for reviewing offers


At least 3 weeks before the open house, make sure small repairs and a fresh coat of paint has been done. Up the curb appeal and clean the exterior of the house. 


These tips can hopefully make you less anxious about hosting an open house with the help of a professional realtor like JoAnn Visaretis to help your home selling needs.


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