Making Your Dream Home a Reality

Friday Nov 05th, 2021


Building a custom home in Ontario, Canada, can be a dream come true when you have the right professionals working with you. Assembling a custom home team that's trustworthy and knowledgeable is essential when building your new home.

Plan Ahead

Before you assemble a team to realize your dream home, spend time thinking of your goals for the project. Determine your must-have features, layout desires, ultimate-dream extras, and what you definitely don't want as part of your custom-made home.

Make a checklist of what's important in terms of size and layout, indoor and outdoor features you most want, style preferences, and any budget restrictions.

Putting Your Team Together

It takes more than just you and a builder to construct a house that will fulfill all of your desires for the dwelling that checks off every box. There are many moving parts involved in building any home, but a custom-designed one is much more involved if you want to ensure the outcome is everything you want it to be.

You'll need to choose a few competent professionals to work closely with when building a custom home:

  • Real Estate Agent. Work with a trusted Canadian real estate agent to help you find, inspect, and purchase the land you want to build on. 
  • Architect. When you've decided on your general vision for the home, hire an architect who can direct that vision and make it a reality. A good architect not only draws up the plans for your home; he or she also knows what is or isn't practical or possible in terms of your property and your budget. If building a sustainable, eco-friendly home is important to you, hire an architect that specializes in green building projects. 
  • General Contractor. Before your architectural plans are completed, it's a good idea to hire a great general contractor who will oversee the building of your home. Your architect may have some recommendations.
  • Interior Designer. You may have great taste in home decor and know exactly what you want, but an interior designer will work with you to realize your dreams in terms of style and budget.
  • Civil Engineer. An engineer works with your architect to ensure the plans are structurally sound and meet all local and government building codes. 
  • Landscape Architect. This professional can make the most of your outdoor spaces, knowing what will be aesthetically pleasing while understanding the soil and sun requirements for different plants, shrubs, and trees.

Landscape Design 

Hiring a professional landscape architect increases the overall value of your new home as he or she will incorporate your visions for outdoor living as much as is practical, using the correct materials, plantings, and detailed plans for your project. 

A landscape architect can help you visualize what your backyard or gardens will look like when completed by providing you with a 3D rendering of the anticipated project. One way to find a landscape architect in Ontario is by searching online job boards. Pay attention to reviews, experience, specialties, and cost. 

Build Your Dream Home

Although it can take time and planning, having the right professionals can make building your custom dwelling can be a smoother, less stressful experience. Working with an experienced real estate agent can help you achieve your dream home. Contact Joann today!

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