Keep Your Home Pet Damage Free

Keep Your Home Pet Damage Free

Friday Sep 17th, 2021


Pets are like family and you do your best to keep them feel that way. However, you also draw lines in what has accepted behaviors from your furry friends to prevent damages in your living space. Here are the top three tips for keeping your pet happy and your home damage-free.


Make sure to give your pets ample physical and mental stimulation.

A bored pet is going to eventually behave badly because they lack either mental or physical stimulation. They can suddenly develop chewing shoes, ripped furniture, and digging among other odd behaviors. 


Making sure to take your dog out for at least half an hour, playing with your cats with their toys, are only some examples of getting your pets properly stimulated. These keep them healthy and engaged with you. 


Take care of accidents pronto. 

Cats and dogs can poop or pee around the house. The tip is to make sure pets are litter-trained or potty trained to let them know where to properly dispose of their waste. The trick is to properly clean accidents asap to prevent further damages on floors, carpets, and other surfaces. Enzyme-based cleaners are best to use with the proper procedures to remove any pet wastes. 


Check with your vet periodically. 

Making sure to get your pets to their routine checkups can ensure that they are in good health and do not have any physical conditions that can contribute to odd behaviors and little accidents. We love our fur family and share our home with them as well. Your home should have less damage if you follow these simple 3 pointers. 


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