Hot Tips in Increasing Your Home Value

Hot Tips in Increasing Your Home Value

Tuesday Jul 20th, 2021


Although the seller’s market has been slowing down since March 2021, it is not going to stop for some time. And home sellers can use some hot tips in increasing their home value, get listed, and get sold quicker in the market. 


The idea is to start from the top and work your way down to the bottom components of the house. 


Fixtures & Furniture

Lighting can dramatically change the ambiance of a room, and installing affordable and easy fixtures can transform any room. Pendant lights and chandelier light fixtures increase additional cozy factors in a living space. Opt for sleek and modern functional furniture in a minimal concept. Clear glass and metallic fixtures are the best bet in achieving a clean modern look.



Homebuyers are looking for a property that they can make their own. Painting the house in bright and neutral colours provides potential buyers the blank canvas to put their personal touch and taste easily - and provides more spacious-looking rooms. You would want to catch the attention of the widest potential buyers, and these minimal and neutral colours do appeal to the majority of home buyers’ preferences. 


Kitchen & Bathroom Overhaul

Working with what you have is the way to go for these features. Make sure to keep the plumbing up to code and in good condition for both kitchen and bathroom installations.


For the kitchen, updating the cabinets by painting them in light colours and replacing counters with quartz, marble, or granite is what designers prefer - so do home buyers. Replace old cabinet knobs with modern metallic versions. Kitchen appliances with stainless steel finishes act as both decor and functional appliances. 


Updating the main bathrooms and adding powder rooms are also recommended - whichever can fit the home seller’s budget. Again, modern minimalist designs are trending - along with practical bath flooring and fewer maintenance tiles. 



Making sure that the floors are in good repair and clean. Hardwood or engineered high-end flooring tends to draw more attention to home buyers. If there are areas in the property that have carpet, make sure to do professional carpet cleaning. 


Home sellers should always invest in good virtual consultation with professional home staging services along with their realtors so they can all work together to present the property at its finest version before listing. 


Contact JoAnn Visaretis when it comes to the best ROI tips for your home and you will be able to work with the team behind her that puts your home’s best foot forward in this hot seller’s market.

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