Home Staging Helps You Sell Your Home During Pandemic Times

Home Staging Helps You Sell Your Home During Pandemic Times

Friday Mar 05th, 2021


Ever looked at homes featured in magazines and photos online and say to yourself “Now, I would like to visit that home or even live in it.” This is what home staging is all about. To visually make your home look cozy and appealing to catch home buyers’ attention and get them to look into your listing. 


This article explores points about how home staging can dramatically increase the chances of selling quicker and higher than the listing price of your home. Plus some consultation tips on what to ask your chosen home staging services.


Why Home Staging is A Good Idea

Homes that are staged professionally sell quicker and higher than the listing price. The number crunch can demonstrate the power of staging for a successful home sale. 


According to a renowned home staging professional for celebrities, Meridith Baer, “On average a staged property sells 88% faster and for 20% more than a non-staged one.” 


Home staging is no longer reserved for the rich and elite so the general public can now afford these staging services and also help their homes look like a million dollars. 


The Real Estate Staging Association® Home Staging Statistics 2020 conducted a survey of about 13K staged houses. 

  • 85% of staged homes sold over 5-23% over their listing price

  • Average 1% investment of the 75% staged homes got an ROI of 5-15% asking price

  • Staged homes got sold for only an average of 23 days 

  • 1.5%+ of list price was charged for staging purposes by the 60% of stagers who reported 15-25% ROI


With these numbers, you can be assured that a home staging service is a good investment to have in selling your home. 



Cost of Hiring A Home Staging Professional

Finding the right home staging professional can be easy - always consult with your real estate agent and find recommendations from family and friends. Always look for credentials and client reviews before settling with an option.


As a rule of thumb, experienced home staging services can charge more than the up-and-coming ones. Depending on your property and your realtor's advice, try to work with a home staging consultation first and then decide to go full service. There are many virtual home staging companies in 2021 that have evolved their home staging services to accommodate any house size and budget. 


The pricier the listing price, the higher the home staging services. And that the bigger the square footage, the bigger the bill. According to Nicole Babb, a home stager in Toronto, “expect to pay roughly $2000+ to stage a space that’s less than 1000 square feet. For homes larger than 1000 square feet, it generally works out to $3000+.” Of course, there are many variables involved, so make sure your concerns are heard during the initial consultation. 


But to put it in perspective, if your home sits in the listing for more than two weeks, it is recommended to lower your listing price by 2% and only further reduces the price as it stays longer in the market. 


Getting your home noticed can help it sell quicker - so investing in a home staging service can be a preventive measure to lose out on your listing price. 


How to Consult with A Home Staging Professional

With open houses and showings currently limited or discouraged, real estate agents are relying on technology to visually draw homebuyers to listings. They often recommend home staging to better the chances of home selling. 


Due to business changes with the pandemic safety measures, home staging consulting has jumped to online meetings and platforms. This has made it more accessible and available for home sellers to schedule an online meeting with home staging professionals. 


Once you have done your due diligence, get ready for the initial consultation with the home stager. 


  • Declutter your home

  • Remove any personal items (e.g. photos, certificates, etc.)

  • Complete any small renovations you have on a list

  • If you can, remove furniture and do a fresh coating of paint in the commonly staged rooms - living room, kitchen, dining room, and master bedroom 

  • Take photos of each room in the house and share these files via email or cloud sharing


After the initial consultation, make sure to address your concern and work with your home stager. 

  • Be communicative with your chosen home stager before the final consultation - ask questions and recommendations

  • The final consultation report is provided via email or video

  • The homeowner can then follow and implement the advice on the final consultation report


When you get home staging services, your home can sell over the listing price and sell quicker - so a return of investment is highly likely. Consult with JoAnn Visaretis about presenting your home the best way you can with her team of professionals. 


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