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Home Inventory Is At All Time Low!

Friday Feb 18th, 2022


Home prices have already increased up to 17.1% since 2021 and they are set to keep rising throughout 2022. Despite the big rise in prices, real estate purchases are still at an all-time high. With so much demand and lower supply, you, the seller, have the upper hand. There has never been a better time to make the leap of faith to sell your home if you were considering it. 


Find the right agent for your home selling journey

When thinking about selling your home, you want to make sure you hire someone you trust with an abundance of knowledge and experience, JoAnn Visaretis has a proven track record in all marketplaces since 1985, making sure you can sell your home at the highest price possible, with the lowest cost and fees!


Our tailored marketing & services include:

  • Pre-home listing inspection – pilar & post is on our team of professionals
  • Downsizing for seniors – decluttering, packing, removing items, cleaning, etc.
  • Customized concierge services – providing the best services designed for marketing your property
  • Full professional staging – our design team knows what the buyers are looking for!
  • Professional photos with video, drone, 3-D +
  • Cleaning services – we all need help to keep our homes sparkling.
  • Strategic GTA, global & international marketing.
  • TV advertisement


The best part of it is that our full-service inclusive packages are at no extra cost to you! no extra packages prices!

We invest financially in marketing your listing to enhance your listing to potential buyers and ensure we get you the best price for your home.

Give us a call if you are considering selling your home now or in the future or even if you are looking for any information. 


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