home design trends for 2022

Home Design Trends In 2022

Thursday Feb 03rd, 2022


New year; new you and maybe a new design for your home? If so, then you’re probably wondering what trends are in for 2022, which is why we compiled a list of big trends that are happening in 2022: 

Shades of brown:

Brown has been a staple in home decor for years, but with the rise of neutrals in the early 2000s, it has been seen less and less in home decor, but guess who is making a comeback for 2022, brown! Designers speculate that shades, such as chocolate brown and earthy browns will be seen more and more in homes in 2022.

brown, fur and white pillows


High-Tech Homes:

From having smart lights, curtains and other smart devices to equipping yourself with the latest appliances and entertainment units, technology has become an inevitable part of our homes. Therefore, choosing devices that match and compliment your aesthetic will help keep your home design contemporary and modern in 2022. 

smart home controlled by tablet


Nature-inspired decor

Having spent a long time inside during the pandemic, the nature-inspired decor has been in demand more than ever. This trend comes in different forms such as, having a nature-themed wallpaper or wall art or even having earthy elements like wood, stone, clay, and crystal objects throughout the house.

nature inspired bedroom


Vintage and Sustainable Accents

It might be a new year, but vintage items are on-trend this year. Mixing modern items with vintage and sustainable accents is really in style nowadays, embracing the unique showstopper vintage designs out there and the sustainable textures and fabrics that can last decades without looking outdated is something that has been on the rise recently and the trend is continuing for 2022. 

vintage record player with bold accent chair


Sophisticated Outdoor furniture

As the pandemic continues, the need for an outdoor oasis has been vital to enjoying the summertime. Therefore, having sophisticated elevated outdoor furniture has been more popular than ever, even having some indoor pieces in the outdoor space, such, as a chandelier to carry on your decor from the inside to the outside.

outdoor oasis with chandelier

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