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Helpful Tips in Preparing your Home For Selling During the Pandemic

Thursday Jul 16th, 2020


The province re-opening phase has welcomed a rise in home listings in Ontario. Home sellers have conquered their reservations on listing their properties due to a restart of the economy and lesser restrictions. With the upswing of real estate activity in the past couple of weeks, one might wonder what to do to prepare their house for sale. Below are a few pointers to consider you can do at your home to improve its listing sale.


Check your decision.

No one can ever tell what the housing market will be in the future, but you can list the pros and cons of going through your home preparation list against the risks of waiting to list your home.


Hire referred home maintenance professionals.

Check with your realtor if they can connect you with handyman, plumbers, painters, and electricians with the service safety protocols in place. These professionals are going to be busy, so waiting times can be expected. Some of these workers also require you to vacant your house when they do their service, so make sure to have a schedule and arrangement in place.


Deal with the most important fixes.

Make a list of minor but important fixes - making big renovations is not practical at this time.


Declutter your space.

Go through your belongings in the house and sell, donate, or give away stuff that you rarely or do not use.


Clean and disinfect your home.

You can hire cleaning professionals to do the cleaning/disinfecting of your home as this is usually required by realtors who are able to show your listing to potential home buyers.


New normal of staging.

Always hire a staging professional to make your home feel inviting but also safe for in-person showing. If you have to do virtual staging, be advised that some home listing sites do not allow altered or photoshopped house photos. Consult with your realtor for your options and always ask questions when you are not sure of anything.

There are some quick pointers to think about when you are planning to list your home. Do your research and be open to suggestions from your realtor. 

If you would need assistance in selling your home, call or contact JoAnn VISAretis and she can offer you professional advice. She provides virtual property evaluations and no-obligation consultations to home sellers that have concerns and questions about selling during this pandemic. She also has virtual resources to help you know your options in safely preparing and listing your home for sale. 

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