Four Marketing Ideas Home Sellers Should Know About

Four Marketing Ideas Home Sellers Should Know About

Friday Jun 18th, 2021


Getting your property ready for selling should also prompt any home seller to know some marketing strategy to discuss with their real estate agent. The end goal is to get the best exposure of your listing in the market, so having basic ideas in marketing a listing would create a good discussion. 


Partner with the right real estate agent that has the right team.

A good real estate agent would listen to your needs and address them. If you want your listing to get the most audience it can get, a good agent should be able to work with you to make that happen. Find an agent that would openly discuss their marketing strategy with you and open to your suggestions and recommendations. Any exposure is a potential lead and these marketing channels should be covered by a real estate agent’s resources. 


They should have their own team to cover most of marketing strategies - be that print, social media, advertising or TV ads. From photographers, home stagers, home cleaners, contractors, digital marketers, social media managers - these professionals should be able to produce a cohesive plan to present your property at its best version.


A good agent can manage different professionals you need for your listing to be front and center, and be able to accommodate your suggested marketing ideas as well. Your professional real estate agent acts as your hub for all marketing efforts and promotions of your listing.


Harness the power of social media. 

Good social media campaigns can reach your targeted audience for your listing. Creating the right campaign - copy text, graphics, and parameters should enable your listing to reach the right demographics and interact with untapped potential marketing personas. Your real estate agent should have a solid and consistent social media presence so you can be ensured that they can provide you with social channels reach in the major social media sites - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tiktok, Youtube, and Instagram. 


Social media channels create a more personal and catered interaction with potential leads, so it is always good to have in your marketing strategy. 


Never underestimate video and TV Ads. 

TV ads can never go out of style. Even with entertainment subscriptions abundant these days, TV ads still manage to catch more attention than any other channel. It is just a built-in tendency for TV ads to be remembered when they are shown to the audience so many times in a day - still, remember those jingle songs when you were a little kid? TV still has a more far-reaching influence even amidst the digital age. So do not forget to discuss this with your agent. 


Video ads across social media also tend to engage audiences more than still photos and written content. Creating a fun, personable, and informational video about your listing. 


Simple yet interesting printed ads. 

Whether it be on local newspaper ads or the signage outside the listing for sale, creating consistent and interesting print ads can draw in potential home buyers. Work with your local newspaper or community newsletter to get the best-printed ads options in your area. 


Clear and consistent contact information should be always in mind when creating printed media. 


Some real estate agents also do direct mailbox campaigns, which might sound outdated but it has its perks - especially if the listed property has been an interest for the local neighborhood or community. 


On a side note, make sure that the information in the printed ads or materials points back to the online MLS or website that holds more information about the property to be sold. This can ensure you do not miss a single lead for this type of campaign. 


These four marketing ideas should be discussed by your real estate agent as part of their marketing services. Getting your listing exposure should not be too hard if you partner with a professional and reliable real estate representative. Contact JoAnn Visaretis today to discuss your home selling marketing strategies.

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