Five Questions To Ask in Hiring Your Home Stager

Five Questions To Ask in Hiring Your Home Stager

Sunday Oct 10th, 2021


82% of buyers’ realtors agree that putting in the final touches in selling a home can be crucial in how quickly and how much your property can get sold. Home staging is simply curating and placing the best home accents, decorations, and furniture that can bring out the best of uninhabited living space. 


There are also the costs involved - the stager professional fees and the rentals for the furniture and accents being used until your property is sold.


So getting this final stage of getting your home prepared for listing is important to get right. Selecting the right home staging professional can be overwhelming so here are five points you can consider. 


Are you insured?

Home stagers who know the industry are wise to have liability insurance for their practice. This is in the rare events of incidents during home staging that might require insurance coverage. This shows that they know the industry enough to have one and has both your and their interests in mind to have this extra security blanket in place. 


This can also tell that their business is legitimate as stringent requirements are needed to be able to get commercial or professional insurance from any insurance brokerage. 


Can I see some of your testimonials and portfolio?

A good staging professional always has a live professional portfolio accessible for potential clients to view. Not only should it show all the different depths of design and capacity, but also should showcase the prior clienteles they have had. It would also help if a good referral or recommendation has been given to your by your family, friends, or realtor. 


Are you capable of home staging and/or redesigning?

It would be great if your candidate can do both staging and redesigning. Redesigning is using what is already in the home to contribute to the staging process and also decluttering spaces. Both talents can lower down costs and can also make more resources to use to present your home in its best version possible. 


Do you have a network of other house professionals?

A good home stager can connect you with other contractors and home professionals if the property would require more work. This can make it easier for you to go through the costs, timelines, and expectations. 


Can we go over your working contract?

A professional home stager would always present a clear contract and estimate when dealing with potential clients. They should be able to show you a document summarizing what they do when they can complete milestones, who they are working with, and also ask your opinion on the end design of the house. They share how they do their home staging process so it can help you ask better questions for better work together results. 


Working with a home staging professional can beat the costs in the end and you should discuss this option when working with a real estate professional like JoAnn Visaretis. 


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