Can Pools Increase Home Listing Prices?

Can Pools Increase Home Listing Prices?

Friday Jul 02nd, 2021


Climate change has been affecting the weather patterns and having a swimming pool during bouts of heatwaves sounds like a good idea. Summer 2021 is being ushered into an unprecedented heatwave in some regions across the country. The record-breaking temperatures would want anyone to beat the wave with a swim or dip in a pool. In fact, during the heatwave weekend, families were going to their local hotels to just get better air conditioning and access to the pool to cool down.


The question is, does having a pool in your property increase your selling price? According to experts, good conditions in ground pools can increase up to 5-8% of the total listing price. A word of caution, your investment to build a pool will not be totally recouped - spending about $35,000 for a general-sized 14x28-foot in ground pool can only give you back about $21,000. 

As discussed by home experts, the in ground pool is the type of pool that can add value to your home compared to the other type of pool installations.  


If the in ground pool sounds too hefty of a price tag, you can always consider above ground pool options. They are installed at a much lower cost and can add to the appeal of your listing - but not necessarily extra value. 


Keep in mind, depending on your listing audience and location, pools can be an added bonus if you get hit with higher summer temperatures. Maintenance of pools can usually run about $1,000 annually so some home buyers might not opt for this luxury feature. 


These figures do not include the enjoyment of having access to a pool anytime you want or making memories with friends and family on a hot summer day. 


You can talk to a professional real estate agent like JoAnn Visaretis on how to approach marketing a pool feature in your listing. Knowing how to market this added feature on your property might just be the factor in sealing the best market value of your listing. 


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