Best Behaviour Practices for Home Buyers and Sellers

Best Behaviour Practices for Home Buyers and Sellers

Friday Sep 25th, 2020


This article can guide you on what are the acceptable behaviours in the real estate industry when working with a realtor for both home buyers and sellers.


We try to do our best to be decent human beings when working with everyone when selling or purchasing a home. With the rise in activity in the real estate market - there are higher chances of faux pax behaviours between realtors, sellers, and buyers. We would like to minimize any potentially negative behaviour that can affect the selling and buying process.


We all want to give and have a positive experience in dealing with everyone in selling and buying homes. Below are some guidelines for everyone involved in the real estate process to keep in mind. 


Home Sellers

  • Not being prompt or responsive to realtors

With the busy market, most realtors are busier than normal. They have to coordinate with other home professionals and other realtors to sell or find you a home. Try to respond to their calls or emails within 12-24 hours and have open communication with them. Realtors work with time-sensitive timelines that can greatly affect the value or the price of the home you are selling or buying. Making sure to be on the loop with them can help you get the best offers available. 


  • Not maintaining cleanliness during a showing

When your house is being listed do not leave a mess just before showing for the realtor to come and pick after you. It is impossible to keep the house immaculate because life happens - but keep it clean and neat as best as you can. 


The time spent by a realtor trying to get your place presentable is less time for them to find you a buyer. You can lose a buyer’s interest by the pile of dirty dishes you did not wash, dirty floors, and a bed not made.  Keep in mind, buyers usually associate how to clean the house with how attractive the property is in their eyes. 


  • Not keeping away during showings

Having the home sellers in the property during a showing can make both the buyer and realtor uncomfortable discussing the house and other related questions. They can be limited and mindful of their discussions as they try to not say anything that can sound inappropriate for the home seller. 


Looking at a house for sale can be an emotional journey for most buyers and that means more time to fall in love with a potential home. If sellers are in the house, the realtor and buyer might hurry the process and in the end, the buyer might end up losing interest because they did not feel the connection with the house. 



Home Buyers

With open houses already allowed in re-opening Phase 3, buyers can now physically visit a home or property for sale with pandemic measures in place beside the virtual and online showings. 


  • Do not take or use unsolicited photos without permission

Home sellers try their best to promote their properties for sale including creating professional shots of their home. Do not take photos during open houses without permission from the realtor or the seller and sharing them on social media. Taking and sharing taken photos is evasive and does not respect the seller’s efforts to promote their property and their privacy. 


With virtual tours and live tours - video clips and photos can be easily accessed. Do not use any of the media presented unless you have permission from the realtor or the seller. Most of these materials are copyrighted so using them without a reference can get you into infringement issues.


  • Do not make yourself TOO comfortable in an open house

This mainly applies to open houses. Try to have a mindset of a house guest and not homeowners yet - even if you are already sure you have the best offer in place. With the pandemic, try not to touch surfaces as much as possible or consider wearing gloves if you have to. Follow the safety and health protocols in place to keep the property clean and sanitize. Do not take off your shoes, sit or lay down on furniture, and use the bathroom, opening cabinets, etc. Do not do anything that you would not like strangers doing in your current home. 


For live tours, if you have to raise a question, make sure it will not make anyone uncomfortable or put them on the spot. Maintain a professional relationship and not be too friendly. Always remain polite and courteous and save your personal opinions to yourself - unless it greatly affects the value of the property you are buying. 


  • Not respecting other people’s time

Remember that open houses, virtual and live tours do not happen overnight and with minimal effort. It takes lots of people to clean and sanitize, stage, and prepare the tours that took days to coordinate and get completed. Be sure to show up on time and if you cannot help it, cancel way ahead of time to respect other people’s time. Your canceled time can be taken up by other potential buyers who are on the waiting list. 


Do not forget to also practice gratitude for realtors as they do their best to create the best outcome for both sides of the home selling and buying. Appreciate the time and effort and the extra miles they go to get your listing off the market even if the end results are not what you were hoping for. 


Making the real estate process a good experience creates smoother transactions between the seller, buyer, and their realtors. Doing your part can lessen the stress of buying or selling houses. Contact JoAnn Visaretis for a consultation in selling or buying a property and you can be assured of a positive real estate experience.


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