8 Ways to Redecorate Your Rented Home

If you’re living in an apartment or home that’s rented, the space might not be the perfect fit for your needs. Brought to you by real estate agent JoAnn Visaretis, here are eight ways to redecorate your rented home to change up the space to better accommodate your life.

1. Buy Lightweight Furniture

Of all the decorative options in front of you, one of the best ways to improve your living situation is to purchase furnishings that make it easier for you. Buy lightweight furniture that's easy to move and store if you need extra space. Don't underestimate how much it can help to have furniture you can easily move around yourself since this opens up many different configurations for your rooms.

2. Use Wallpaper

Wallpaper adds instant character to any room. Look for a graphic pattern that speaks to you, or choose a wallpaper that will grow with your tastes as they change over time. Remember, wallpaper comes in different finishes, and some can be more difficult than others to clean.

3. Hang Pictures

If you’re a renter, you’re limited in what you can do with your space. If your walls are bare, find some stylish picture frames and hang up some photos of your kids or pets. Arrange pictures symmetrically on each side of a piece of furniture for an artful effect.

4. Decorate With Curtains

One of the most affordable ways to give your rental space a quick, temporary update is with new curtains. They’re an easy way to cover up dreary windows and control light, temperature, and privacy in one fell swoop. You can also use curtains to add splashes of color to any room and they are an easy way of adding personality to your rented home.

5. Change Pillows and Blankets

If you have kids or pets, your pillows and blankets may be stained. When you redecorate a rental apartment, consider replacing both with new ones. Pillows and blankets are relatively inexpensive, especially if you choose neutral colors or a natural material like cotton.

6. Install Shelves

Whether you’re simply renting a room in someone else’s home or have your own rental property, adding shelves can be an inexpensive way to take control of your living space. Shelves give you extra storage for small items, and they make great catchalls for mail, keys, and other essentials.

7. Add Plants, Accent Furniture, and Accessories

Even if you don’t have a green thumb, there are plenty of easy-care houseplants you can buy. Also, small pieces of furniture like ottomans and bookshelves add visual interest and make a room feel cozier. Some renters like their space to be blank and neutral, but if you’re looking for a way to really change things in your apartment, start by adding pops of color with accessories or decorations.

8. Redecorate Your Home Office

Of course, if you do work at home, your office is a space that needs redecorating, too. Eliminate potential distractions — like the TV — and choose furnishings that are functional and help you accomplish your work-related goals. After all, if you’re going to practice good time management, you need to have as few distractions as possible.

Create a Space That Works

Your living space should reflect who you are and what makes you comfortable. You may have limited options when redecorating a rented home, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t things you can do to create a space that works for you. Remember, all changes MUST be approved by the Landlord.


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