7 Tips To Make Moving House Easy for Your Pets

7 Tips To Make Moving House Easy for Your Pets

Thursday Nov 05th, 2020


Pets are definitely part of our family and we do not want them stressed or anxious when we move to a new home. Routine and environmental changes do not make any pet happy and they would take time to get reacquainted with new schedules and surroundings.


Making sure the moving house can be as easy as possible for them is one of the top priorities for new homeowners who have pets to move in with them. Here are some general tips to consider when you are moving with your beloved pets. 


Pre-moving day

  • Pay a visit to your pet(s) veterinarian. Advise the vet about your move and get some references in your new location if necessary. Make sure you get their veterinary check-up and raise any health issue concerns. 


Do not forget to update your contact details and your pet’s identification (e.g. collars or a microchip) so just in case they go missing, a kind stranger can contact you to unite you with your pet. Make sure you take with you their medical records, license, and registration for some pet species. 


  • Check the travel time to your new address and make transport and accommodation arrangements. 


Research about the best options to transport your pet - depending on what species your pet(s) are. You can opt to do ground, air, or pet transport services as well. Always aim to lessen the travel time in any of these options. Make sure to have complied with all the necessary paper works and carriers for air and pet transport services.


Most pet owners prefer to take their pets with them in the car when moving days come in so take into account to break long-legged driving. See to it you have more stops and check in to pet-friendly hotels. 


Create pet kits to have your pet’s favourite toys and treats, food, first aid kits, and cleaning supplies in place to provide familiarity and comfort during traveling. Make sure these are packed and easily accessible for them.


Some pets do not like to travel or be in their cages or carriers too long. Your veterinarian can prescribe medication to keep your pet(s) calm during transportation as well. 


Moving Day

  • Place your pet(s) in a quiet and closed-door room on moving day. Lots of unusual activities during moving day can get your pet(s) overwhelmed so find a place to keep them undisturbed. Keep a schedule to check on your pet(s) until you are ready to transport them.


  • Keep calm on moving day and reassure your pet(s) as often as possible with a cuddle, a pat, or just spending a minute or two with them. 



Post moving day

  • Make sure you have moved most of your belongings in place in your new home before releasing the pets. The ideal time to get your pets out of their carriers is when you are done moving. Pet proofing is also a good practice - making sure your pets are safe in your new abode. 


  • Depending on what pet you have, slowly introduce them to each room of the new house day by day until they feel comfortable to stay out of their carriers. Keep them in their carrier until there is a closed, quiet, and available room where they can slowly ease out of their carrier. 


  • Train your pets in their new environment and routines. Make sure to let your pets know where their food bowls or litter are in the new house. 


These are some of the many tips available to get your pet to move into the new home easier. As pet parents, you know your pets better than anyone and making sure you got a plan in place figured out - your pets would be grateful for your consideration and enjoy your new home with you. 

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