7 Common Mistakes in Selling Your Home

7 Common Mistakes in Selling Your Home

Friday Jun 25th, 2021


Selling your home in a slowing market might need more selling efforts. Here are some of the common mistakes you should avoid in selling your home. 


Not using professional photos

Getting the professional photographer and videographer of your home requires some skills to present your home on its best foot forward. With the growing digital marketing avenue, it is helpful to work with a crew of professionals.


Uninteresting writing

Captions and words can catch the attention of potential buyers. Make sure that the wording on your marketing is egging potential home buyers to take interest in your property. 


Not preparing for real estate agent previews

Homebuyers aren’t just potential new homeowners, they can be other agents or brokers looking for properties for their clients. Make sure to make the previews interesting or rewarding for these home buying agents. 


Restricted showings

Always be flexible in managing your tours of the property. Now that the pandemic is coming to a slow down, try to loosen some hours.


Giving low commission

Real estate agents will be more motivated if they get the right price for the help and assistance in selling your home and finding you a new one to move in.


Forgetting buyer incentives

Even if it is just coupons or gift cards, there are many things home sellers can include as an incentive. 


Rejecting digital marketing efforts

Technology helps it make it easier to talk without being in the same room. So be sure to discuss virtual tours, drone shots, etc. with your real estate agent.


Talk with a professional real estate agent or Joann Visaretis who can advise you on other tips in selling your home.




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