5 Things Home Sellers Should Expect from Their Real Estate Agent

5 Things Home Sellers Should Expect from Their Real Estate Agent

Thursday Oct 22nd, 2020


In selling a home, the primary responsibility of your chosen real estate agent is to launch, promote, and market your home for sale so you can get the best offer in the local market. They would have to work with the home seller and their marketing team to come up with a strategic and intelligent plan to sell your house efficiently. 


A home seller should have an idea of what are the expectations you should have from your real estate agent to give your property the best chance in the selling market, besides the primary role of the real estate agent. 


You do not want to work with the post and pray agents who do the bare minimum to launch and promote your listing. Here are the 10 basic things any home seller should expect from their real estate agent. 


  1. Practicing honesty and integrity and open communication


Being open and honest makes any transactions easier. Make sure that an agent’s references and credentials check out. Talk to their previous clients and get feedback from them on the agent’s past work history and professional conduct. Partner with an agent who has put your best interest before theirs. This also includes frequent communication with you on updates, suggestions, or changes in the selling transactions. A good and reliable real estate agent would want to keep in touch with you to let you know what is going on or be available for you to ask them questions.


  1. Pricing your property fairly and correctly


A real estate agent should have the experience and resources to price your home correctly and in fair market value. They should be able to explain to you how they come up with this pricing and why it should be priced as much. Let them educate you and do not hesitate to raise a concern or question if you do not understand anything during the selling process. The agent should be comfortable talking with home appraisal representatives and knowledgeable about the property's recent updates, renovations, and repairs. This helps in upping the selling home price for the property and also in turn what mortgage you can afford if you will be searching for a new home yourself.


  1. Marketing arsenal and creative strategy


Your agent should be able to provide and discuss a marketing plan in place that is adaptable to the current and trending methods available. With the pandemic limiting in-person selling points, they should have virtual and online resources to maximize your listing exposure to the right market. They should be able to show you plausible data to demonstrate that your listing is getting the online traffic or offline interests it deserves. Whether it be virtual tours, social media marketing, listing updates, and many other technological options - they should be able to tap on these different platforms. 


  1. Pruning the unnecessary offers and use their strong negotiation skills


Your agent should be able to shortlist offers that are not qualified. They should know which buyers have legitimate buying capacity and have fulfilled their documents. Your agent should also encourage you on the right selling price and not force you to accept the first offer that comes in. You should be able to tell them what you do not like in the terms and conditions of the offer to purchase and negotiate any concerns you would like included in any agreement. 


  1. Help in tying loose ends during the closing period


Your real estate agent should be able to help you through the closing period until the actual legal date of possession of your sold home. They can go with the home inspector to make sure you know what needs repair urgently and those that can wait. You can talk to them about the legal clauses and small prints in your purchase agreement so they can work out details with your lawyer to finalize the paperwork. A good real estate agent also makes sure you can reach them post home sale with other concerns until you legally possess the property. 



Partnering with the best real estate agent can save you the stress, money, and time in selling your home. The more a real estate agent would want to do for you, speaks volumes in their dedication to help you sell your home with your best interests in mind. You should be able to openly discuss these expectations with your agent so you can assure your home listing gets the best offers in the market. Talk with JoAnn Visaretis for professional real estate help!


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