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4 Tips For House Showings In Winter

Wednesday Feb 09th, 2022


Although summertime seems to be a very popular time for listing your home, there are a lot of benefits to listing your home in winter, such as less competition. However, how do you exactly prepare for house showings in winter? Here are 4 tips to help you enhance your house’s features during winter:

Clear any snow or ice on your paths or driveways

Make sure your pathways and driveway are clean without any slush, slippery ice or a lot of snow, accessible and safe home is always attractive! Also, it's a great chance to showcase the house’s driveway and pathway so buyers can visualize living there in winter. 


Keep it lit! 

Winter days can be gloomy days with little to no light, so allowing light to come through to the house will keep it warm and inviting to potential buyers. Keep the blinds and curtains open during the day and if you have darker rooms you can add spotlights behind furniture and unique lamps throughout the room to keep the home bright for your showings. 


Keep your home at a warm temperature

Making sure your home is at a nice cozy temperature will encourage buyers to linger more, it helps them explore your home freely without having to wear their jackets and extra winter gear. Bonus points if you own a fireplace and turn it on for your showings, that way they get to see the fireplace as a feature and it will make them feel welcomed and cozy during the colder days. 


Make your home look inviting

Adding cozy elements, such as warm blankets on your sofa or offering hot beverages such as hot cocoa or coffee for your buyers to enjoy when they walk into your home can really leave a positive print in your potential buyer’s mind. 


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