Home staging during the holidays

4 Home Staging Tips During The Holidays

Sunday Dec 12th, 2021


Selling your home during the holiday season may have its own challenges but it can also be a blessing in disguise. Decorating your home for the holidays may help buyers envision themselves in their future home during the cozy season. Here are 4 important tips that can help make your home staging journey successful.

Have your holiday decor compliment your style

Before putting all your decor that may have strong colours, make sure your holiday decor compliments your existing furniture and overall feel of the space. Skip any clashing holiday colours that may not look the best with your decor palette, keep it simple and neutral. After all, you don’t want your holiday decor to be distracting your buyers. 

Highlight the positive features of your home

Holiday decor can be a great opportunity to highlight great features from your home. For example, hanging a few appealing ornaments on the mantel can accentuate the look of your fireplace, which may be a feature that is overlooked by many.

Offer tasty warm beverages and wrapped treats

Whether you offer your buyers hot cocoa or delicious wrapped cookies, offering a delicious treat will definitely leave a great taste and memory with your buyers. Creating positive memories to associate with your property will give you a competitive edge. 

Keep your decor inclusive

It’s important not to overwhelm your buyers with busy decor or have your holiday decor be very specific to one group of people. That way you can draw different buyers from different backgrounds and maximize your offers.


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