4 Home Selling Preparations for Summer 2021

4 Home Selling Preparations for Summer 2021

Thursday May 20th, 2021


Vaccine roll out has been slowly but surely inoculating the population to date with 7,576,624 doses administered getting 473,759 Ontarians fully vaccinated. This is a light in the tunnel, promising a foreseeable end to the pandemic in due time. Eventually, conditions would be almost back to normal and people would not have to worry about getting COVID-19. 


It has been predicted that with the vaccine rolling out, there would be more home sellers who would not be on the fence about listing their properties by summer or late summer 2021. With the hot market, this would be a welcome relief from low inventory. This is an ideal time to get potential listings prepared for this time to come. 


Although some regions are still under strict lock down regulations, home sellers can now start their plans in getting their homes prepared for selling in the market. Here are the top 4 essential points to consider. 


Get your paperwork in place. 

Make sure you have your numbers right. With the stress test rates increasing from 4.79 to 5.25%, get your mortgage approval before June 1st so you can still take advantage of the lower interest rate for about 120 days. 


Talk with your mortgage broker and make sure you have a budget in mind so you do not have to go through unnecessary blind offers when the time comes for you to find your own home. Work together with them to get the best financial options you can get when looking for a new home and the best price in selling your home. 


Connect with the right real estate agent. 

Having a licensed and professional real estate agent can greatly take off the stress of finding facts by yourself. You can look into recommendations from family and friends that have worked with a real estate agent before so you can be sure you get the best service. 


Make sure the real estate agent has a team behind them that can take care of your photography, marketing, home staging, and other related professional services to get your property ready to show. 


Remember that visually making your property appealing is a must since open houses are still currently restricted. Work with your real estate agent’s team to get your home into the best looking version of itself. 


Consult with JoAnn Visaretis from REMAX Jazz Brokerage Inc. to know your property market value and get your selling strategy in place. 


Tackle deep cleaning one room at a time. 

You can create a checklist of all the rooms in the house and the corresponding deep cleaning you would want to get done. Once you have that checklist, tackle the cleaning tasks per room and per day. You can schedule a set amount of days to finish the checklist or you can also opt to have cleaning professionals do them for you. 


There are wonderful tips on this article that can help you hatch a plan in your deep cleaning efforts. Also make sure you have decluttered the rooms, making it as easy for you to pack up your things when you do sell your home and move into your new one. 


Do some small and aesthetic renovations first. 

Most Canadian homes have opted to renovate more for comfort and potential return of investment (ROI) less. But if you are looking to sell your home, the renovations you might have done already would add more value to your home whether you decide to stay or sell. 


According to a study RE/MAX 2021 Renovation Investment Report, “fresh paint and landscaping are two upgrades that yield a high ROI, despite being low-budget and minor in nature.” So get advantage of this report and start with getting a fresh coat of paint or cleaning your front yard and adding some colourful potted flowers or fresh mulch. 


Curb appeal is still one of the top first things that potential home buyers get drawn in, so keep that in mind as you prioritize your minor renovations. 


These are just four points to consider when you are planning to sell your home in summer 2021. Whether you go ahead with listing your property or not, rest assured you will be more than ready when you do decide to become a home seller with these tips. 


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