3 Tips to Prepare Your Home for Selling This Winter or Before Spring 2021

3 Tips to Prepare Your Home for Selling This Winter or Before Spring 2021

Thursday Jan 07th, 2021


Selling your home during the winter months can be an advantage for many reasons as discussed in our previous blog article. During winter, the real estate market is not at a standstill but slower than usual - it does not mean NOT the right time to sell or prepare to sell your home.


Thinking of home selling during wintertime to be ahead of the Spring 2021 home selling frenzy? Read this article to get some tips on getting your home ready for its new homeowners and get your listing to sell quicker. 


Start with decluttering and brightening

What better way than to declutter your home during this time where you are expected to spend more time indoors? With the pandemic still not in the clear and the wintry weather, begin decluttering your house with items you do not need or have not used for at least a year.


Take down the holiday decors and Christmas tree, but you can keep the lights to brighten up your house.


One quick trick in decluttering is getting 3 bins with labels to keep, toss, donate. Go through room by room and fill in the bins accordingly. You can also begin to organize items you are keeping and using when you do move out when the house gets sold. 


Do a deep clean in each room or hire professional home cleaning services to help you. Clean the windows and doors so the light can come in. Replace dark drapes or curtains with light coloured ones, or partially open your blinds. 


Paint or hire painters to repaint your walls with bright, neutral, or fresh coats of paint for the rooms. It is amazing how it can make a big and good difference in the spaces. 


Also, consider hiring a home staging designer and make sure to use what you have and add on personal highlights during the staging process. 



Keep a safe and welcoming winter curb appeal

Focus on the facade, porch, and driveway of your home to up the appeal of your home’s winter curb appeal.


For the facade, make sure no falling snow or icicles are in the way of potential house tours or showing during a virtual tour. Some snow coverage can be photoshoot worthy, but make sure to make safety a priority. 


Make sure to keep a clear salted path from the driveway to the front door if you have snow in your area. This can make potential homebuyers see how easy it is to keep the house path maintained during winter. Provide a rubber mat by the entrance and a coat hanger for convenience. 


The porch can be messy during winter, so make sure to tidy up the area. Store away porch furniture and try to make it welcoming by putting up lights and minimal low maintenance decors. Make sure you have good lighting at the entrance by investing in some landscape lighting. 


Try to highlight how the house looks like in other seasons

You can place some strategic postcards or digital frames around the house that show how the house looks like in the fall, spring, and summer seasons. For the virtual tour, let your realtor know that you would like this included in their marketing campaigns. 


This can greatly help potential buyers envision what it is like living in your house on a sunny day or when the front lawn looks like during spring. 


Also, make sure to price your listing at fair market value with your realtor. You can find out other strategies to get your listing launched even during the winter months or prior to the frenzy of Spring and Summer 2021. Talk to JoAnn Visaretis about selling your home to get you started.

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