3 Tips on Getting Your Home Cozy and Ready for the Holidays

3 Tips on Getting Your Home Cozy and Ready for the Holidays

Friday Nov 20th, 2020


With the onset of the winter months and the second wave of COVID-19 cases, opting to stay more at home is surely in our holiday plans. This means not only getting your house ready for winter but also making it a space of sanctuary for your family. 


Here are some tips to liven and cozy up your home for the upcoming winter and yuletide season. 


  1. Declutter and deep clean.

The initial spring 2020 cleaning fever has tapered off as the COVID-19 cases went down and family members were starting to get allowed to attend work and school. Why not reinvigorate that passion for cleaning the abode at this fall time?


From early summer to fall, you might notice a build-up of clutter around the house. Now is the right time to store away summer and fall season items in the house - put away your seasonal decors, clothing, and accessories, and make each room more spacious so you can think more clearly about yuletide decorating. 


After decluttering, try to do a deep clean in each room in your house. Use Health Canada’s list of approved disinfectants to schedule a deep clean routine in the house. With the rising numbers of transmission and flu season, this would greatly help in reducing exposure to viruses for your family. 


  1. Winterize the house. 

It is a yearly routine schedule for most households to have a checklist of what needs to be done before cold winter sets in. Revisit your checklist and make sure you cover the basic preparations, which can include:

  • Changing the air filters to reduce dust

  • Checking the furnaces and other heating equipment are working properly

  • Switching and automating a smart thermostat for optimum energy efficiency

  • Replacing burnt-out bulbs, preferably switch to LEDs

  • Winter-proofing outdoor faucets and check for pipe leaks

  • Tidying up and storing the garden and patio furnishings properly

  • Cleaning the gutter and eaves trough

  • Checking for possible pests and infestations, prevent them from entering the house

  • Checking your smoke and heat detectors that they still operate

Also, if your summer was filled with renovations and additions, check with your insurance broker or agent if these projects are covered by your current insurance coverage. If not, then update your insurance policy to include them. 


  1. Plan your small celebrations

With social distancing and restrictions for big gatherings, set your mind on still celebrating the holidays with your immediate family. Also, look into sending your thoughts to extended families and friends by thinking of creative ways in giving them their holiday presents safely. 


Make decorating a family activity and involve everyone to get into the holiday cheers. If you are in a region where you are allowed minimal social guests, make sure to put safety precautions in place - hand sanitizers, social distance, and masks ready for everyone attending. Or opt to do a virtual party instead to minimize the possible health risks in small gatherings. 


For sure the pandemic surely has changed how we celebrate our holidays in 2020. But, getting yourself, your family, and your home ready for the winter and holidays can reduce the negative impact it has given all of us this year. Remember, these small curtails and sacrifices can mean we can see our other family and friends for the next holidays to come. 


If you are also looking to selling your home, these preparations can ensure your house will be in top shape if the time comes to put it on the market. If you are thinking of selling in spring 2021, talk to JoAnn and let her educate you on your options in selling your home. 


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