3 Reasons Why Home Offices Should Be A Feature in Home Seller Listings

3 Reasons Why Home Offices Should Be A Feature in Home Seller Listings

Friday Feb 12th, 2021


The pandemic has become the greatest catalyst for some workers to be part of the work-from-home workforce. This has forced businesses to use modern technology to allow their employees to continue their work and get the company still in operations. 


This work phenomenon has made work-from-home workers adjust their living space to accommodate a laptop and also set up a learning space for their kids to do their classes online. It is different for every household, but family members had to find their corners and spaces to maintain their productivity. 


In saying that, the demand for an office or a study room can soar in due time - and having this feature can be an incentive a home buyer might just be looking for. 


This article will be discussing the 3 reasons why having a home office feature in selling a home can be attractive to potential home buyers right now. 


Remote work is here to stay. 

The work-from-home fix can become a temporary permanent solution to some Canadians. According to a survey by Robert Half Canada Inc.- 85% out of 500 respondents would prefer to have like to have an option to work from home when they can. This is because technology and procedures are now set up online to cover the gap of not being in an office and keeping employees safe.  


This means more ‘homework’ would prefer to have a sacred space of quiet and focus to either finish a report or be in a Zoom meeting. Even if the pandemic is going to be over, the need to have the option to work from home is here to stay. 


A home office can offer tax rebates.

Filing taxes and deductibles for a home office can be rewarding. There are some claims a work-at-home worker can get for using the residential resources (e.g. hydro, internet, rent, etc.). It is best to consult with a professional accountant to maximize the benefits of tax credits and rebates of working from home. 


Repurpose spaces and spare rooms can become home offices.

Home office setups do not need major renovations around the house before listing the property. A home seller can consult with their real estate agent to partner them with a home staging professional to convert a small corner or spare room into an office. 


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