3 Reasons Why Decluttering Is Important To Any Home

3 Reasons Why Decluttering Is Important To Any Home

Saturday Oct 02nd, 2021


Pre-pandemic times, only about 5% of Canadians feel anxiety - this has understandably spiked up to 20% during pandemic times. Staying more time in the home means more time to notice the piling clutter around our home spaces. And according to mental health experts - there is a clear correlation between clutter and mental and physical health. 


These home spaces - including the spare room have been converted to a family member’s classroom or workspace. And usually, this spare room is also neglected. This is the room where things that do not have a place are temporarily stored - and forgotten. Then it becomes a graveyard of “stuff”. Each household is guilty - so it is imperative to read this article to get motivated to declutter. 


Peace of mind and self-care. Clutter just makes anyone anxious and this contributes to stress. There are about 40% of Canadians working from home due to the pandemic.


You do not want to stare at random stuff while you are trying to focus on your month-end reports Or worst-case scenario, expose the clutter behind you when you go on a Zoom or Teams meeting. 


Some experts suggest that decluttering is connected to decluttering the mind. And this has been experienced by customers of organizing services. These clients feel more productive, less anxious, and ready to do work after decluttering.



Make space for renovation and utilization. Without the clutter hindering a different perspective or purpose of space, you can decide to do a bit of renovation or repair and or create a sustainable start for your home. 


You can clear the clutter from the big windows to let in more natural light and heat. You can create a reading nook to relax after long hours of working from home. 



Sustained motivation. Once you can see how decluttered your home can be, you would be motivated to keep this state of decluttered living space. You would be able to remind yourself to have routine housekeeping and decluttering to save your decluttered space. 


And the best thing is, you can come home to a comforting and relaxing space. Although the pandemic is having the fourth wave, staying in your decluttered home might help you to get work things done better and less anxious. Not only will your house be ready to sell with less clutter, but a professional real estate agent would be able to assess your property quicker. Contact JoAnn Visaretis to get your dream home or sell your property to its best market value. 



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