3 Reasons Why Buying A House in Fall Is Better

3 Reasons Why Buying A House in Fall Is Better

Saturday Oct 23rd, 2021


Home buying season has been traditionally done in spring and summer. However, there is also an active real estate market in the autumn season. You might want to find out the 3 reasons why buying your home in the fall season might work out better for you.


Less competition. Fall can get people to want to nest more in their property with the cooler temperature creeping in. But for real estate, this means there is a new bout of inventory from the listings that did not get taken in the hot summer market or has been repositioned. Most home sellers are in the time crunch - wanting to sell before the holidays start so they would be more flexible in terms of the sale. 


Pricing gets lower. Home sellers who have not sold their property would seek to re-strategize their marketing. This can entail going over their listing pricing with their realtor and adjusting the price to attract more home buyers. Sellers are willing to negotiate prices than wait for another six months for Spring to list their property. 


Quicker response times. With lesser perceived activity in the real estate market in the fall season, most real estate agents and mortgage lenders can give you more time to go over your financing needs and budget. You get more attention and details sorted out with other buyers waiting for the hot spring and summer seasons of real estate. 


Having a professional real estate agent like JoAnn Visaretis can help you navigate the Fall season whether you are buying or selling a property. Always check in with your real estate professional to make sure you get the best market value and or get the best price. 


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