10 Unique Gift Ideas for the Holidays On A Budget

10 Unique Gift Ideas for the Holidays On A Budget

Thursday Dec 03rd, 2020


Gift-giving is an essential part of the holidays. With the pandemic in the picture, most Canadians are double-checking the safety of sending gift parcels to family and friends. Here are some quick precautions to take note of. 


According to an epidemiology professor named Greta Bauer from Western University in London, Ont. there is a less likely risk of getting the virus from receiving gifts. The surface life of the virus lessens as days and hours go by. 


The quick tip is to wash your hands after handling the gift, let it sit for at least half a day (or until Christmas Day under the Christmas tree), unwrap, and wash your hands again. Curb pick up and delivery items are offered by local shops and online stores to also lessen the risk of exposure compared to traditional in-store shopping. Be prepared so you can lessen your chance of getting sick. 


Going back to our list, the art of gift-giving need not die in these times of economic uncertainty. The holidays are coming upon us and we all just need creative and mindful budget-friendly gifts to give. Here are 10 of some of these great holiday gift ideas in a reasonable budget for someone on your list that is hard to shop for.


  1. For the germaphobe, or in our pandemic times, a must-have necessity with our face covering. No-touch tool from Indigo. 

  2. For the sound fan or podcast listener, this is a quality and durable headphones for hours of wired music on the go. Panasonic ErgoFit Earbuds from Amazon.ca

  3. For anyone on your list who does essential work, give them a sanitizer subscription to protect them while doing their heroic jobs. Oneka - Sanitizer subscription from Saponetti.ca 

  4. For the writer, poet, list-makers there is this pen that can write in zero gravity and at any angle, plus it looks classic. Fisher Raw Brass Space Pen from Space Pen.

  5. For the bookworm who might appreciate a story of hope. Songs for the End of the World by Saleema Nawaz from Indigo or your local bookstore. 

  6. For the foodie in your list, consider the titanium chopsticks - it is practical and can even stir your drinks! Ti5622 Square Handle Chopsticks from Keith Titanium. 

  7. For the work-at-home professional being on the desk can be boring all day - with this gift they can turn any chair or couch into their office for a couple of hours. Marble lap desk from Indigo.

  8. For the plant whisperer in our list, this can be their new indoor house garden favourite tool. Modern Sprout self-watering basil grow kit from Indigo.

  9. For the furry family who takes walks with their pet owner. Nite Ize Nitehowl LED Safety Necklace from Walmart coupled with Arcadia Trail hands-free leash from PetSmart. 

  10. For the handyman or handywoman and crafters, this is indeed a handy tool. Ryobi Air Grip compact laser level from Home Depot. 


These are just some of the unique gifting ideas for the special people on your list. You can definitely do further research on keeping your gift-giving the safest and thoughtful present anyone would want to receive on Christmas Day.


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