Real Estate Tech Tools Home Sellers Should Know About

Real Estate Tech Tools Home Sellers Should Know About

Thursday Sep 10th, 2020


This article can get you acquainted with some of the most common technology tools that realtors have been using to continue their real estate transactions during pandemic times.  


July and August 2020 showed a continuous rebound of the hot market in real estate. This means more selling and buying of homes will continue this month of September 2020. 


With most of the restrictions being lifted, you would think it would be back to normal. For home sellers, this means more potential exposure to the virus as open houses are now mandated to return in the province. And home sellers are still understandably wary of the rising cases in Ontario of COVID-19 and the expected second wave during flu season this incoming Fall 2020.  And now, they are currently leaning more into online, virtual, and contactless means of completing real estate transactions with their realtor. 


Knowing some of the common technology tools that your realtor uses with you is a good starting point for understanding the new normal in the real estate process. 


Communication Tools

Realtors know that they need to keep in touch almost 24/7 to make sure they provide home sellers updates on their listings. They also need these tools to source, other professionals or crew, in the listing, staging, and the whole process of preparing the home to sell. Most team communications happen on a Skype or Slack channel for collaboration. Open communication is now encouraged by using video calls and chats and video meetings in any mobile device- depending on the preference of both parties. 

Examples: Skype, Zoom, Slack, Messenger  


House Tours/ Open House tools

These tools also provide a way for realtors to put together a house virtual tours or host a live stream open house safely. Virtual tours are pre-recorded static tours that showcase 2d< 3D and panoramic photos of a property both the exterior and interior parts. Live stream open houses are scheduled real-time video tours wherein the realtor can take viewers around the house and answer potential buyers' questions about the property. 

Examples- Live Stream Open House: Facebook Live, Zoom, Google Meets, Microsoft Teams, YouTube Live, GoToMeeting, Skype

Examples- Virtual Tours:  Youtube, Vimeo, Matterport, iStaging, immoviewer Guide, Property Panorama, Real Vision, Imagemaker360, ListSimple


Digital signatures services

No more waiting on paper documents to close a deal with a signature. Digital signatures are almost universally accepted for most legal documents. The services help you identify sections of the document to sign and make sure you covered the required initials or signatures. 

Examples: Adobe Acrobat, Docusign, EZSign, NexOneSign, Secure Share, HelloSign


Cloud Storage & Sharing

Emails had been the go-to means to send files back and forth - however, bigger files might need to be exchanged between you and your realtor. At these circumstances - you would need some cloud storage and sharing services. Instead of sending the file, you are sent a link to access big sized files. 

Examples: Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft One Drive


These are the most basic and common tools that your realtor might use with you in selling your home. It has also been noted that most realtors have evolved their business platforms to go online to evolve together with the times to keep your health and safety a priority. JoAnn Visaretis has the experience and the modern tech tools to help you sell your home even during the pandemic contact her now.


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