Open Houses Rules - Step 3 Roadmap to Recovery for COVID-19

Open Houses Rules - Step 3 Roadmap to Recovery for COVID-19

Sunday Aug 01st, 2021


After July 16, 2021 - the Ontario government has declared open houses are allowed again with strict guidelines, including observing maximum capacity and 2-metres social distancing. 


Although it seems like the pandemic is getting over - most realtors are still highly recommended to play it safe by opting to do virtual and digital means to facilitate and complete transactions. Realtors are encouraged to let their home sellers and home buyers know of alternative ways of conducting open houses in person.


If real estate clients do consent to open houses - hosts are to follow and comply with very strict guidelines from public health and the industry - including cleaning and disinfection, mandatory signs and disclaimer forms,  outdoor queuing, and safety plan enforced to reduce the risk of spread of infection. 


Both realtor and client are advised to minimize the tour attendance to (2) people maximum for every tour - making sure to keep their distance of 2 metres from each other and with recommended face coverings in place. Scheduled tours are also recommended to minimize unexpected bottlenecks of traffic during the tour. 


  • Safety plan, rules and recommendations can be electronically sent to potential home buyers scheduled to tour before going to the open house address

  • Getting COVID-19 screening, contact, and forms from scheduled tour participants to make sure all the visitors are not spreaders of the pandemic- and if there is an outbreak can have contact tracing details

  • Clearly mark the tour direction and traffic with signages and arrows 

  • Enforce a no-touch rule - making sure the realtor is the only one to touch light switches, doorknobs, and locking the doors behind them once the last tour has completed - also squeezing in time to wipe these common touch spots to have approved sanitizing wipes 

  • Always have professional cleaners certified to do cleaning and disinfection at the end of tours to ensure a clean and sanitized open house is ready for the next scheduled tours

  • Share a clear communication with the property owner about the rules and regulations required to ensure the safety of all involved

  • Review daily the announcements from Public Health and comply with any changes they have recommended


Navigating these times can be hard for any potential home sellers - but with the right real estate professional and team, it would be easier to make it work for the safety and health of everyone involved. Partner with JoAnn Visaretis to guide you on the best way to market your home for sale and determine if you can use open house as your ultimate marketing strategy.

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