Neighbourhood - An Important Factor in Buying A Home

Neighbourhood - An Important Factor in Buying A Home

Friday Aug 13th, 2021


Location! Location! Location! 

The property location and neighborhood directly contributes to the value of your chosen property so it is important to include location as your top 3 must-haves in purchasing a home.



Is the neighbourhood known to be a safe community? You can check crime rates and see the trending crimes in the area - and then evaluate how you can manage to keep your household safe in this area or not. Also check how far is the local fire hall to respond to disaster or emergencies.


HomeOwners' Associations (HOAs)

Managed living area usually have HOA to take care of the maintenance, security, trash collection, exterior repairs, and common local issues that need attention to create a more decent community living. This can also include the community amenities - community hall, pools, courts, etc.


These benefits also come with a set of rules that home buyers are required to comply with before signing any purchase agreements. Make sure you go over the HOA agreement with your realtor before signing up. 


Amenities near property

A house can be perfect, but without nearby amenities, it can be a hard sell. Having nearby schools, groceries, hospital or clinic centre, etc. can be the last factor home buyers are looking at to make that final offer. 




These are only some of the point about considering location as one of your top 3 in choosing a home to buy. Discuss with JoAnn Visaretis for more #realestateneeds. 


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