Preparing your home for sale during COVID-19

More Home Preparation Tips Before Selling Your Home During COVID-19 Times

Thursday Sep 03rd, 2020


Are you ready to list your home? Here are some tips you can do on your own to get your home ready to sell during this unprecedented time of COVID-19. 


With the latest rise of activity in the real estate selling market, you would like to list your home for sale. This summer 2020, the trend seems to have more buyers with a low inventory of home listings which is promising for home sellers. The current pandemic should not stop you from seriously considering your home selling with this market condition.


Consult with a professional real estate agent.

First and foremost, a good online meeting with a licensed realtor is a good first step. Some real estate agents offer a free home valuation and you should take advantage of this to know where your property value is at. Ask the realtor about their marketing strategies and their health and safety protocols. Make sure they have the means and experience to help you list your home.


For example, are they able to do digital marketing? As most people are urged to stay home, home seekers have more screen time to look for properties up for sale and would likely interact with online ads and posts. From MLS to virtual tours, online meetings, social media postings, online ads, and many other channels, your realtor should have a marketing strategy listing exposure in place to sell your home within a reasonable time. Read some of our tips about picking the right realtor for your home selling needs here.


Regular maintenance or small repairs and deep clean. This is one of the main things you should start doing once you decide to sell your home. You can do this by going into each room of the house, making two separate lists - one column for cleaning and the other for small maintenance or repairs. This is the cheapest and do-able thing you can do on your own, but also consider having a professional handyman or home cleaners to do them.


Start decluttering. Less clutter in the home means a cleaner and neat impression on potential home buyers. One of the easiest ways to declutter is a room-to-room approach. In each room, create three boxes or bins - with labels 1-throw 2-donate 3-keep. Carefully consider each item and where to categorize them. Once you have finished each room, gather each bin in each category, and make sure to get rid of items you do not use on at least a weekly basis.


Painting your walls in neutrals. Your home should look like a blank canvas that any home buyer can envision what they would like it to look like as their new home. Shades of cream, white, grey and other neutral colors make it easier for anyone to envision their decor and taste. Plus, it makes your walls look more updated and clean. Hire a painting company if you do not have any experience.


Update the kitchen and major appliances. The kitchen is one of the top three rooms most buyers investigate first. Make sure your countertops, cabinets, and cupboards are sanded and painted to make them look sleek and clean. If you can, upgrade your kitchen major appliances into energy-saving ones including the light fixtures.


Create an appealing curb. Curb appeal is the first 7 seconds that an interested buyer looks at your house. You can try to do a few budget upgrades - adding a hanging plant or potted plants, doing a pressure wash on your pathway, and adding some affordable outdoor lights can make it more inviting for buyers to get interested.


Decent flooring. Having a uniform, clean, and modern flooring and tiles can tie the look of your home entirely. If changing your flooring comes on a hefty price, try to polish your floor and clean the tiles thoroughly.


Yard upkeep and small maintenance. The front yard and backyard upkeep can be of little cost if you keep your lawn mowed, prune the hedges, and keep the decks clean and neat. Adding a bit of patio furniture and flora can help in making it more inviting to potential buyers.


These suggestions can improve your home living and prepare your home for selling. If you do any of these ideas, you can be ready to sell your home and as you enjoy your home. To get a professional realtor to advise on selling your home during COVID-19, contact JoAnn Visaretis for a consultation and free home valuation.

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