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A distinguished and highly acclaimed career in real estate spanning some 3 decades is the hallmark of JoAnn Visaretis’ legendary service and sterling reputation. Since entering real estate in 1985, JoAnn has devoted herself to exemplifying the quintessential qualities of conduct, competence and care in her astoundingly successful career. The veritable definition of a real estate sales professional, JoAnn has received countless awards and accolades for her outstanding efforts. While these things are wonderful, they pale in comparison to the true reason why she serves her industry as she does. For JoAnn, it has always been about people. JoAnn’s mandate to serve her clients at the highest possible level means that her focus has always remained on deftly solving her clients’ real estate needs one transaction at a time, with a personal and genuine commitment that is evident in everything she does. Having negotiated hundreds and hundreds of transactions in her time, navigating through the best and worst market conditions and every possible scenario in between, JoAnn’s skill set is a rare one, and beyond valuable to today’s consumer. Coupled with the fact that JoAnn has personally viewed literally thousands of homes, she represents a genuine font of wisdom to her clients. The impressive, industry-wide, national reputation she has built for herself speaks volumes; but it is the vast network of relationships, affiliates and resources that she brings to the table that make JoAnn such a sought-after real estate business leader. Incorporating the best of the old and the new, JoAnn has implemented the latest technology and social media applications into her business platform for the benefit of her clients, so that they enjoy maximum exposure to the market. However, she never strays from the core concepts of good old-fashioned business, which means it is a personal and thoughtful process with individual attention and meaningful interaction, where she listens and attends to the needs of the family she is serving. JoAnn strives to deliver an educational and informative experience on every transaction, one where her clients feel they have received far more than they ever anticipated. It’s no great surprise to learn that the majority of JoAnn’s clients are repeat buyers and sellers, including generations of families, or that those who enlist her services come most often by way of personal recommendation.

JoAnn Visaretis

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