And with it comes a busy housing market, in which we are already seeing strong momentum and multiple offers on properties. If you’re thinking of listing your house in this hot market, here are my top tips to stand out from the many:


1. Declutter

This can’t be said enough. Get rid of all the old crap you don’t need or use, and in doing so declutter your space…and your life. This includes anything that is damaged, broken, unused, or unneeded, in every room of the house.


2. Eliminate Odours

Give the house a good and thorough clean, freshening up every nook, cranny, and surface. Open the windows to let fresh air circulate, if just for a couple hours. Deal with odours (from pets, for example) rather than was them with air fresheners. A simple spray made from lavender, vinegar and water can be a natural and pleasing deodorizer, as are fresh flowers or a pot of boiling herbs on the stove (think cinnamon in water with a bit of vanilla).


3. Detail

Pay attention to the details as you go: thoroughly inspect your house as you do the big clean, looking at walls, floors, ceilings, and visible pipes for leaks or water damage, check windows for intact seals, and look for signs of insects or rodents. Deal with any of those details accordingly.


4. Paint

What a difference a fresh coat of paint makes. Whatever your personal taste may be, try to strip the walls to basics, using a warm white of light beige, even dove grey to truly give prospective buyers the blank canvas they so crave. Patch holes as necessary, and freshen up the whole room by giving any dinged or chipped baseboards a once-over with your brush.


5. Finish Projects

It happens to the best of us: we finish a job 80% of the way and never attend to the last 20% because life gets in the way. Now’s the time to knock that last 20% off your to do list: finish drywall, cover outlets, fix the doorknob…whatever the lynchpin of construction is in your abode, finish it before you list.


6. Freshen Up Hardware + Fixtures

Light fixtures, mirrors, taps, shower heads, and cabinet hardware can all be replaced by even the simplest of handy skills, and on virtually any budget. These little changes will have a dramatic impact on the overall look and feel on your house.


7. Prepare Your Entry Way

First impressions matter. Make your entry way a knock out, by de-cluttering it and maximizing natural light. make it as warm, inviting, and bright as possible, using natural light and mirrors to your advantage. In the rainy season be sure to have an attractive area for buyers to place boots and hang jackets. Making it easy eliminates one layer of stress, which makes your house all the more inviting.


8. Stage It Till You Make It

Call in a professional, or design savvy friend. Most people buy (or let’s be honest, accept hand me down furniture) that is out of scale and proportion to the space and to the other pieces in it. Now is the time to arrange and rearrange for just the right flow, and put that old – if comfortable – recliner in storage. Add flowers in every room, and pay attention to details like volume of books or placement of throw pillows, blankets, and accessories. Remember you are selling a dream.


9. Tidy the Garden

Embrace the freshness of the season by ensuring your yard space is clean and clear: rake, tidy, wash, surfaces, and use fresh plantings or flowers at the doors and entryways. Use colour to draw people in and celebrate the beginning of a new season of vibrancy, and set up or refresh the outdoor entertaining space. This will prime them in your favour before they’ve even stepped inside.


10. Improve security

Pay attention to overgrown shrubs, gate and door closures, window openings; people like to feel safe and comfortable in a new place, and you can ease their minds by attending to all those details in advance.